Welcome to The Presidents of CMC. In honor of Claremont McKenna College’s 75th Anniversary, join us as we celebrate the College’s vibrant history through a series of exhibitions commemorating the historic milestones, achievements, and individuals who have shaped the College. Reflecting back on Claremont McKenna College’s modest origins will lead to perspectives on the College’s current success and will inform the College’s aspirations for the future. The fifth exhibition in the series, The Presidents of CMC, explores the tenures of each of the College’s five presidents, with highlights of the impacts each left on CMC. Join us as we explore these important individuals' legacies through a range of archival materials and discover how each president contributed to CMC’s history and lasting legacy.

The Archives consulted a variety of sources in compiling this exhibit and are indebted to those historic resources, most notably, Commerce and Civilization, Claremont McKenna College: The First Fifty Years 1946-1996 by Kevin Starr.

President Jack L. Stark and George C. S. Benson

CMC’s first and third presidents, George C. S. Benson and Jack L. Stark, stand outside of Bauer Center in 1981.

The archives contain historical documents, some of which include perspectives and language reflecting the time in which they were written. Claremont McKenna College does not endorse all the views expressed in these documents.