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The Founding of a Men's College in Claremont

An exploration of the roots of Claremont McKenna College, The Founding of a Men’s College in Claremont explores the prehistory of the College with a focus on founding Pomona College, establishing The Claremont Colleges, and attempting to found a men's college over a two-decade span.

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Early Years at Claremont Men's College

Early Years at Claremont Men’s College offers a look into the first decade of the College, with a focus on incorporation efforts, campus growth, faculty and staff, the student body, and student life.

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Not For Men Only: CMC Becomes Coeducational

Not For Men Only: CMC Becomes Coeducational examines CMC's transition to a coeducational institution with a focus on its first women students and subsequent name change.

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CMC Campus Stories

CMC Campus Stories examines the history the College through the voices of CMC alumni. Sharing light-hearted stories and memories, the exhibit compiles first-hand accounts tracing the history of the campus, student life and social clubs, notable on-campus activities and events, campus traditions, and faculty and staff. 

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The Presidents of CMC

The Presidents of CMC explores the tenures of CMC's five presidents and the lasting impacts each have left on the College.

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Veterans and the ROTC at CMC

Veterans and the ROTC at CMC focuses on CMC’s veteran students and faculty, the founding and lasting legacy of the ROTC program, and an exploration of the Vietnam War era at CMC and the Claremont Colleges.

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Athletics at CMC

Athletics at CMC examines the history of the athletics program at CMC, including landmark events and achievements in sports, as well as notable coaches and student athletes whose legacies and impacts continue to be felt on the program to this day.

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Architecture and Public Art at CMC

A look at the growth of the CMC campus over the years, Architecture and Public Art at CMC highlights key building projects at CMC with brief histories of campus buildings and examinations of notable campus architects and public artwork.

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